Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 37: When Nature Calls!


Good Morning Meditators!  In today’s episode I run down a couple of announcements, a couple dates you should keep in mind, and a couple items of interest you should bookmark.  The we talk about why you haven’t had a new episode of Monday Morning Meditation in two weeks.  Then we talk about the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.  Then we talk about how the Universe works in REALLY mysterious ways.  Then we talk about how if you trust the Universe to reveal itself, in time it will.  Then we talk about nature and about how no matter what nature continues on.  And so should we.  And then we get into the meditation itself.

BONUS:  This is a FANTASTIC episode to listen to while in nature.  So if you can, get to a park, a forest, your backyard, anywhere you can be alone with nature and listen to this podcast.

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