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There is no “other”. There is no “them”. There’s only us. And if real change is going to ever take place, WE must work TOGETHER to implement that change. I encourage you to take 15 minutes of your day to watch this TED talk. It goes SO MUCH DEEPER than Westboro Baptist Church, which is the subject for this particular TED talk. It’s for everyone who finds themselves at odds politically, spiritually, socially with someone else and wants desperately to find common ground with that person. The middle way is the only way for peace. Which means everybody – including us – has to be willing to, agree to, and start moving toward the middle. Are you willing to move? If so, implementing the ideas in this video is a great first step. Check it out:

Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!


Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!! Quick story: My mom made the executive decision to not allow her children to believe in Santa Claus.  When us kids were growing up she’d always say, “Mommy is Santa Claus!”  So I never believed in Santa.  But this story?  This story right here?  This story may make a believer outta me yet!  Check it out:

Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!

**Embargo: Sacramento, CA** In the Blanc’s kitchen, the whole family is hard at work cooking up something sweeter than any recipe could yield –kindness, through the slogan “Make America Kind Again”. The family works together to make campaign lawn signs, cups, decals and tote bags with the logo.

Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!! Regardless of political affiliation, regardless of ideology, regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum I think this is a slogan we can all get behind. And that’s why it’s Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!! Check it out:

Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!


Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!  I love a story about kids helping people.  And so clearly this story is right up my alley.  If kids can go out of their way to help other people, then what’s our excuse?
“…and a little child shall lead them.” – Isaiah 11:6
Check it out:

Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!


Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!  “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

Opportunities to be grateful happen each and every day.  It’s true.  From the magical to the mundane and everything in between, if we pay attention moments will happen that give us opportunity to be grateful.
Most of those moments pass us by because we’re distracted by other things.  Work commitments.  Familial commitments.  Social commitments.  Errands we have to run.  Phone calls we need to make.  E-mails we need to return.  Meetings we have to attend.  People, places, things and circumstances that pull us in every direction.  It’s easy to not be mindful of the little moments that are chances for us to live in thankfulness.
But how much happier, peaceful and more content individuals would we be if every time those moments happened, we stopped, observed it, and sent up a prayer of thankfulness for it.  Something to think about.
Check out the video below.  Then check out the website  And take some time today to be mindfully grateful for the big, little, mundane and transformative moments that happen in our lives everyday.  Have a FANTASTIC Friday, everyone!

Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!

Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This page is apolitical.  In fact, all my social media sites and web pages are apolitical.  There are deeper things I concern myself with as far as what I put out on the internet than the politics of the day.  That being said, I thought this article was REALLY appropriate for what will be happening today.  When Pandora’s box was opened, all the evils of the world escaped.  And when it was finally closed again, only HOPE remained at the bottom of the box.  Regardless of your political affiliations, political leanings or if you’re an American how you will or won’t vote today, regardless of the outcome of today let’s make a pact to focus on hope.  Because at the end of the day it’s all we have.  Check it out:

It’s Good To Remember…


This isn’t a GOOD NEWS! or a BEST. THING. EVER!!!  But it’s good to be reminded of the people of Flint, Michigan who are still suffering even though national and international news have moved on to the next hot news story.  Here’s a look at Flint, one year later.  Check it out:

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Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!  This barbershop gives two dollars back to kids who read while they’re getting their hair cut.  I love it!  Plus it gives the love of reading to kids when they need it most.  And to boot the books these kids are reading are FILLED with POSITIVE images of African-American men and women.  People they can aspire to be like when they grow up.  Kudos all around to this barbershop!  Check ’em out: