Monday Morning Meditation, Ep. 47: Automatic

Good Morning Meditators!  In today’s episode I go over a few announcements: April 15th & 16th I’ll be at the OPERA Spirit Mind and Body Expo.  I will be doing tarot readings all weekend long.  And on Saturday morning at 10:30am I’ll be leading a guided meditation class.  For more information on the expo, click here.  Also I’m actively looking for more opportunities around the country and around the world to join any expos, fairs, conventions or events where I could either do tarot card readings or guided meditation classes.  To book me for your event, click here.  Please bookmark for links to all my social media presences.  Then we went about the business of today’s meditation.

Today I talk about inadvertently getting stuck in a rut.  This past year I decided for my mental health to step away from a lot of responsibilities I was involved in.  I had spread myself really thin and in order not to lose whatever tenuous grasp I have on reality I had to step away from a lot of what I was doing.  The unfortunate side effect of that was I ended up getting stuck on auto-pilot.  And the problem with living a life on auto-pilot is that eventually we end up living a very unfulfilled life.  Which can turn into mid-life crises or living in resentment or regret.

The way to fix that is to be as present as we possibly can as we go about our daily lives as well as being thankful for every moment in our lives.  And if that seems to be a really tall order, we do it in baby steps.  And that’s what we explore in the guided part of our meditation today.

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