Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 46: I Godda Code In Mah Doze

Good Morning Meditators!  In today’s episode I go over a few announcements: April 15th & 16th I’ll be at the OPERA Spirit Mind and Body Expo.  I will be doing tarot readings all weekend long.  And on Saturday morning at 10:30am I’ll be leading a guided meditation class.  For more information on the expo, click here.  Also I’m actively looking for more opportunities around the country and around the world to join any expos, fairs, conventions or events where I could either do tarot card readings or guided meditation classes.  To book me for your event, click here.  Please bookmark for links to all my social media presences.  Then we went about the business of today’s meditation.

A cold has been kicking my ass like a runaway slave.  Actually it’s probably more than a cold at this point because it’s been lingering around for a couple weeks now, and colds don’t generally do that.  Regardless, I’ve been this, whatever it is, bitch for a while now.  And that’s why you didn’t get a podcast last week.  But the good news is whatever is kicking my ass from the inside out was the inspiration for today’s podcast.  Enjoy!

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