Monday Morning Meditation, Ep. 45: Find Your Happy Place

Good Morning Meditators!

In today’s episode we talk about finding our happy place.  And we do it through the auspices of Toon Town from the classic animated movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”.  Part of my happy place is discussing spirituality with people and finding out where their spirituality lies.  Or doesn’t.  So if anyone has Ricky Gervais’ or Stephen Colbert’s ears, let them know I’d LOVE to interview them.  Because interviewing people about how their spirituality manifests itself is TRULY one of my FAVORITE happy places.

I’m coming off the tail end of a really bad cold.  So if this meditation sounds a little funky, that’s the reason why.

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Happy Meditating!

Smile, Darn Ya Smile –

Car Chase –

Why Don’t You Do Right?

Roger Rabbit End Scene –

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