Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 44: You’re The Common Denominator

Good Morning Meditators!  In today’s episode of Monday Morning Meditation we kick off the episode with a few announcements.  Then we get into the meat of the episode which is all about being the common denominator in the relationships we find ourselves in.  I talk about my most recent break-up.  I give you the history and backstory of my relationship with my most current ex and then I go into how I and my need to always date my parents were the common denominators in the demise of this relationship.  If you have had multiple failed relationships and they all seem to thrive or fall because of certain recurring themes, this guided meditation is for you.  It’s not an episode that points the finger in blame.  It is an episode that asks us to look for and find the common denominators in all our relationships and if those things are serving us well or not.

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Happy Meditating!

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