Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 39: Courage or, A Gamer’s Guide to Self-Preservation


Good Morning, Meditators!  In this week’s episode we talk about being up and running.  We discuss how I want that site to be your one-stop shopping for all things meditation.  So go there and bookmark it!  Then I tell everyone about the Spirit, Mind and Body Expo presented by OPERA going on this week-end.  I will be doing psychic tarot card readings at the fair and I invite everyone to come out and partake in the good and positive energy created that week-end.  Then I mention I am in the market to travel to other places with this dog and pony show and would love the opportunity to do so.  Specifically a warmer climate as close to the equator as possible because it’s about to get friggin’ COLD up in here.  I even promise if it’s a warm beachy climate I’ll wear a thong!  Then we talk about the cool things happening at Sanctuary Studios.  (Monday Morning Meditation is getting a new logo!)  A lot of stuff we can’t reveal just yet but if all goes well beginning at the turn of the year we’ll be rolling out the good stuff slowly but surely.  Then I apologize for not getting an episode out to you last week.  But because I didn’t my spiritual evolution took a leap forward.  Which was AWESOME!  I talk about that all the while apologizing PROFUSELY for not getting an episode out last week.  Then we talk about the world of gaming and how gaming in and of itself while good practice for being on the front lines for the coming zombie apocolypse is also VERY meditative.  We give a few shout-outs to the OG games out there and to those who remember playing those arcade games.  Then we talk about intent in meditation and how gaming is a great entree into that world.  And then we get into the meditation itself which today is ALL about building up courage through meditation and the gaming world.

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