Monday Morning Meditation, Ep. 38: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Guided Meditations For Everyone!

Good Morning Meditators!

In today’s episode I talk about how is up and running.  I encourage you all to check out the new website, bookmark it, and check back often to see what’s going on   We also talk about my upcoming engagement at the Spirit, Mind and Body Expo here in Oklahoma City on December 10th and 11th.  I also ask if you have an event you think I would be perfect for to reach out to me at Have passport, will travel!  Then I tease a few things that are happening here at Sanctuary Studios in lovely downtown Oklahoma City.  Then we get into the meditation itself.  Today is the second part of a five part series of meditations on the senses We’ve done hearing, and today we’ll be focusing in on sight.  I tie this into a mediocre sexual experience I had recently and how looking at oneself in the mirror might be the hardest sight to see.  Then we jump into the meditation proper and get connected!

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