GOOD NEWS!!! The U.S. Presidential election is over! And while that is good news in and of itself, I want to focus on something else. Regardless of who won – I absolutely refused to follow the election results last night and so I still don’t know who won – it’s important to realize the sun will still rise. The moon will still set. The stars will still rotate around this vast and great Milky Way. Nature has no interest in politics. Nature could care less about ideology. Nature has no interest in how divided or unified human beings are. Nature just continues to just be. It’s very important to remember that. Nature just is. It continues on. And so should we. Regardless of how happy or sad or angry or elated we are about the election results, we should really take a moment, breathe, and just be. I hope this video will help us all in finding that place of center, that place of calm, that place of peace. And just be. Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

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