Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!


Today’s BEST. THING. EVER!!!  I post a lot about homelessness in my GOOD NEWS! and BEST. THING. EVER!!! articles.  It’s an issue that hits close to home because I spent a year homeless in New York City.  But it wasn’t until today when I was searching for an article for today’s post that I realized how big of a need hygiene materials are needed and necessary for homeless people.  Specifically sanitary napkins, tampons, pads and other such things women specifically need.  It never even occurred to me these things would be in short supply at homeless shelters.  Maybe it’s because I’m a man and having to experience a period without the aid of sanitary napkins has never really crossed my mind.  Again that is, until today.  Well here’s an article about one woman’s crusade to make sure every homeless woman has tampons, pads and whatever else she needs during that time of the month.  And her crusade has turned into a world-wide phenomenon.  Inside the article is also how you can help.  So if you feel moved to help, I encourage you to do so.  Take a look:

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