Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 36: Hearing – Headphones

Good Morning Meditators! We handle a bit of business to kick off the show – is up and running, I’ll be at the December Spirit Mind and Body Expo presented by OPERA on December 10th and 11th, and I want to travel the world doing meditation classes and psychic readings (have passport will travel) –  and then we get into the gravy of the episode.  Today we talk about my most recent surgery (2016 – the year of surgeries!) to put a tube in my left ear. We talk about the metaphysical properties of physical ailments and how there may be a connection between the two (research and come to your own conclusions).  And we talk about how this most recent surgery inspired a new series of meditations on the senses.  I have NO CLUE how I’ll incorporate smell and taste into the conversation, so I’m asking you to help me out with ideas for those meditations.  We’ll start out this week with hearing, next week will be sight followed by touch, smell and taste in the last three weeks.  Then we get into the meditation itself.

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