GOOD NEWS!!!  Costa Rica is showing bitches how it’s DONE!  As of this writing, Costa Rica has been 100% running on 100% renewable energy for two months.  That’s right.  An entire COUNTRY is running on renewable energy and has been since June!  That is AMAZING news!
Now the haters will say Costa Rica is a small country with only 4.9 million people. Whereas the United States as of 2014 has around 319 million people.  And China has 1.37 billion.  So suck on THOSE numbers!  But wait a minute… There are approximately 30 states (and the District of Colombia) in the US who have less than 4.9 million people in them.  THIRTY!!!  So even if HALF of those states committed to running on renewable fuel, IMAGINE how much MONEY would be saved!  Now I promise I won’t get into politics here and how politics and business go hand in hand sometimes.  But I will say Costa Rica is living PROOF that if there is motivation to do so, it can be done.
The truth of the matter is fossil fuels are a finite resource.  Eventually the earth is going to run out of them.  And then where will we be?  We have made small strides here and there to wean ourselves off our dependency on finite fuels.  But it’s my opinion that those tiny strides need to happen more and more often.  That way when the time comes and we do run out of those finite resources, we’ll already be utilizing Mother Earth’s backup plan.  And that’s why it’s today’s GOOD NEWS!!!
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